A charity event is supposed to be fun and entertaining. If your event is dull and boring there is a chance the turnout will be low or people will find excuses to leave. In the end, you won’t reach your fundraising goal and even if you do, the next time you invite people to another charity event chances are they will not show up. To avoid future disappointments, ensure you keep your supporters as entertained as possible. What better way to do this than to organise a casino night fundraiser. You can feature games such as poker, blackjack, auctions among others. However, if you want to spice up your event and raise more funds consider getting penny slots. Here are three reasons why:

They are popular

Manufacturers aim to establish more games to keep gamblers occupied and spending their money. As a result penny slots have grown in popularity. The main reason is players end up spending more money despite the base bet costing a minimum cent. Remember the people at your event are looking for ways to spend money. You can make it worth their while by getting penny slots.

They are flexible

Penny slots offer players betting flexibility especially in the number of coins per line and the number of lines themselves. Penny slots can help you raise a lot of cash for your charity since they are huge moneymakers for casinos. Most players find them more interesting and this is why it would be a great addition to your casino fundraiser.

They are profitable

About 70% of Casino revenues come from slot machines making penny slots quite profitable. Since penny slots are a sensation to most players, you are set to raise good money at your event. Just ensure you get modern penny slots which are easy and fun to play.

This might just be what your casino fundraiser is missing. As you make plans to get them for your event, keep in mind the house always wins.