If you support several charity organisations or some of your friends are hitting you up to make donations to their charities, it can be overwhelming. You give to charity because you want to support a good cause. To ensure that you’re donating to the right charity, you need to use your head as your heart. Do you want to drop your coins in some collection box or write a cheque for some organisation you don’t know? To ensure that your money is going to the best, try Shop 4 Charity a smarter strategy for giving. Here are good reasons using Shop 4 Charity is a good idea.

You get something in return

At Shop 4 Charity you not only get to donate for a good cause but you also get something in return. The main idea is to buy a gift for your loved one from the online shop and 10% of the sale goes to charity. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone since you will help raise funds and help yourself in the process.

It sharpens your focus

You don’t have to wait for that annual fundraising event or for your friend to ask you for a donation. With Shop 4 Charity, you get to help different organisations raise funds anytime you buy something. Every time you buy someone a gift from Shop 4 Charity you can smile knowing you have changed someone’s life.

It is convenient

Since Shop 4 Charity is an online store, you can shop anytime you want from your device. With over 10,000 gifts inclusive of licenced merchandise, you can’t miss out on something impressive to buy. Do not worry about getting invitation emails to charity events because your details will not be shared with any of the charity organisations.

Make a difference by helping to raise funds for specific projects without being involved in the organisations in any way.