We live in a time where non-profit organisations need to be innovative and creative when fundraising for their projects. You can help your charity organisation boost its contributions by hosting a fundraising event at Caesars Windsor. You can have your supporters choose from numerous game options such as bingo, blackjack, poker, and a raffle among others. Keep in mind that the casino’s staff is always ready to help with any useful information or training needed. Below are four ways to raise more money at your event.

Offer your attendees recurring donations

Recurring donations are important to a non-profit organisation since they are reliable and help keep the organisation afloat. Provided you have a good marketing strategy, a good number of people will attend your event at Caesars Windsor. These people are great prospects for recurring gifts. Get you team of fundraisers ready to speak with individual attendees and get them interested in giving recurring donations.

Have a live auction or raffle

Auctions and raffles for charity fundraising will give you chances to sell items that are more expensive. You can ask your sponsors or anyone interested in your project to donate an item for auction. Selling raffle tickets at your charity event at Caesars Windsor can also be effective in raising funds.

Sell tickets for your next event

First and foremost make sure that your charity event at Caesars Windsor is an experience of a lifetime. This will give you a perfect moment to persuade your supporters to come to your next event. You can offer your guests early bird tickets at a discounted price right before they start to leave.

Most charity organisations rely upon fundraising events to help them generate revenue for their projects. You can raise money for your cause by organising a casino night fundraiser at Caesars Windsor.