If you run a charitable organisation there are many ways you can get people to make a donation. Casino fundraisers tend to be popular and profitable ways in which organisations like yours can raise money. However, for your casino event to be a success, you need to have a good turnout. Basically, more people at your event means more money will be spent and ultimately more profits for you. Here are tips on how to get people to make a donation at your casino event.

Proper planning

The most important thing you should consider when planning is getting all the permits you need ahead of the event. Get a crew of volunteers that are passionate about your cause to you out. Ensure your setting is proper and interesting in every bit. For people to make a donation they need to be fully entertained meaning your entertainment crew should be on point. You should serve drinks with snacks so you also need great catering services.

Publicise your event

A casino themed charity event is a great excuse for people to dress up and make an impression. Therefore, for your event to have a great turnout you need to publicise it. Send invitations through emails, newsletters, word of mouth and if possible, media coverage. You can put together a press release and emphasize on why you are raising funds while summarising what the event will be like.

Raise Funds

The word is on the street and the wheels to your event are already in motion. Now all you need is to get as many people to make a donation. There are many ways you can raise funds. You can have a pledge book or a donation box, individual sponsorship, live auctions, poker tournaments, raffles among many others.

If you run a non-profit organisation you can easily entertain your benefactors by organising a casino event for fundraising. This is a fun way to keep your guests entertained while donating money.